Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Long Live Fashion

Yesterday, I was shopping in town, and I noticed that H&M are currently running a campaign to get people to donate their old clothes in their local H&M store. They are aiming to have absolutely no waste from all the donations, which means that your clothes will be sorted, and anything will be sold in various shops all across the world, and anything you've ripped, stained or just over worn can be used to make new fabrics to make more clothes - yay!

Since I'm moving out, I decided to take my two carrier bags that have been waiting to be donated for weeks to my local store, and I was very surprised to receive a £5 voucher (only if you spend £25 - but that's easy done) just for bringing them in. 

I think this is such a good idea, and I know that charity shops accept donations, but the fact that a global company like H&M are backing such a good initiative will cause donations to increase, especially since you get money off for doing it! AND they are donating money to charities for every kilogram of clothing donated.

They are accepting any clothes, from any brand, in any size, in any condition - so bag up those pants that were such a good idea at the time, or that bundle of t-shirts you now wear to bed, and get down to your local H&M!

If you want more information, click this link for all the small print, how it all works, some Q&A's and a video if you're too lazy to read everything (not me, I promise).

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