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What to do in the post-Christmas yet pre- New Year period

Its's a well known fact that the days that follow Christmas, but lead up to New Year are the bleakest. All you seem to be able to do it eat, drink and sleep. You wake up at 4pm full of shame and regret because yes, that was another valuable day off wasted. No matter how hard you try, seeing the morning hours is unachievable, unless of course it's 2am and you're still watching Netflix... 

I've decided to help you lucky people out, and I've chosen a few things that you can do whilst awaiting New Year, or even worse, the start of the new term...

1. De-clutter

Come on, you knew this was going to be at the top of the list. Clear everything from everywhere. Bin it, donate it or sell it. Bin everything that's not in great condition, donate the mountain of high street items you no longer wear and use the online marketplace app 'Depop' to sell anything of value.

2. Eat all of your Christmas chocolates

This is maybe my favourite suggestion, everyone starts a diet or plans to eat healthy in the New Year, so destroy any temptation before the 1st. 5 selection boxes in 2 days? Not an issue, it's Christmas, remember?

3. Make a list

I make lists like there's no tomorrow, I even sometimes write a list of lists that I need to write, you should see the notes on my phone, it's bad. But, they are useful little tools. List your New Years resolutions, list what you need to do, to buy, to see, to decide, anything. It helps you out so much if you can get things on paper, or a touch screen at least. It somehow makes it more official and makes you feel like you have to do it, promise.

4. Have a pamper day

You are probably going out for NYE so why not look 10/10? Treat yourself to a nice relaxing day of pampering. Indulge yourself with the many smelly sets you received for Christmas, spend an hour exfoliating, washing, face masking and moisturising your face, do your eyebrows, do your nails. Whack on some fake tan and hair dye to transform yourself to a bronzed goddess. Do whatever you need to do to become Beyonce and start your New Year with a bang.

5. See your (insert elderly/rarely seen relative here)

We all have a person in our family that we don't see as much as we should, or someone who spends a lot of time alone, be it your Nan or your Auntie who's not actually an Auntie. Make a bit of time and go a grab a coffee (or a cocktail, it is Christmas after all) and make their day, tell them about your job or uni or mates or anything at all really, they don't care, they just enjoy the company.

7. Make a playlist for every occasion

It might seem like an unproductive thing to do but you'll thank yourself when you're feeling a certain way and you know that you've got the music to see you through the day. Make one for every mood, happy, sad, angry, loved up and everything inbetween. Make one for prinks, before bed, having a shower. You can even make playlists to remember your hols, or mates, or school. Literally anything, you will appreciate it.

8. Organise that box/shelf/bag

If you're like me then you hoard everything... I have a box full of receipts, tickets and various junk that I keep as souvenirs and now is the time that I start sticking them into a book, it's a good way to look back on your year and also frees up that box for 2016.

9. Revamp your room

Get yourself some new decorations and bedsheets and change up your room. This means you HAVE to tidy and get rid of rubbish too, but means that you can go into January with a room you love, a clear desk and maybe a new plant.

10. Revamp your wardrobe

Clear out as mentioned in point numero uno, but you could also get clothes that you sort of love but don't fit, or need changing before you can take them into another year. If it's a simple thing like shortening something, or adding new buttons then go for it, but if it needs altering then take it to a tailors, they can transform literally anything. If you're feeling uber crafty then scout Pinterest for some DIY ideas, I recently made dresses into two pieces and tee's into bralettes in under an hour.

11. Choose a language to learn

I love languages and I love learning (geek) but it's actually a really important part of life. So choose a language, download an app and if you do a bit every day or so for a year you'll be fairly far along with it. Bonus points: if you're going on holiday, learn the language spoken there and chat to locals, you'll feel cultured and impress your fellow travellers.

12. Clear out your phone

Your phone will be full of things that you do not need. Start with apps, then do photos (delete any conversation screenshots), messages, and finally, move onto contacts. Usually contacts are the worst thing to delete, especially with people you don't see often, but going into 2016 with a phone full of closest friends and family feels so good. Go through your contacts slowly and carefully, look at each person, if you know them and talk to them regularly, they stay, if not, see below options:

a) They are old friends. either decided to ring or text them to rekindle said friendship, or accept that the ship has sailed, delete and move on.

b) They are an ex. Delete immediately.

c) You aren't sure who they are... either text and ask or delete with no questions asked.

d) They have some random name that they/you saved the number under whilst drunk, eg: best friend, girl from toilets, guy who bought me drinks... Just delete these people to free the names up for next years antics.

13. Update your CV

You literally never know when you might need a up to date CV pronto. Don't miss out on any potential chances because you're CV lists socialising and reading as your hobbies.

14. Return/exchange anything with labels

If you've got clothes with tags on, either from Christmas, or that you've collected over the year, and never have or will wear them, then check the stores returns policy and either get your money back or swap them for stuff you actually want, you might even get more for your money since it's sale season. It's basically a way to get some new clothes without spending more money. Just don't shout at the staff if you can't exchange it, it's not our fault, it's our policies.

and after all this...

if you still have time then you my friend are in trouble. You'll have to do real things, like work, or budgets, or taxes, or visit the dentists.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Bootea Teatox Review

I was super excited the other morning when I received another 14 day Teatox from Bootea. I've had this tea a couple of times before and I always feel so much better when I'm using it, so I jumped at the thought of sharing my opinion of the effects to you.

(Image from Bootea's Instagram)

The basics:
You drink one morning tea per day, and one evening tea every two days, for two weeks with this Teatox, whilst trying to eat as clean as possible. This is to clear out your body from all of the toxins that we gather from everything: junk food, pollution, dirt, literally everything. This idea behind this, is that if you don't have any bad in your body, then it will be good, right? So you should see clearer skin, better health and weight loss.

The taste:
I personally love the taste of the tea, the morning tea tastes like green tea, and the evening tea tastes almost liquoricey to me. I don't think it's at all hard to drink, and I leave it to stew for around five minutes.

The instant effects:
I find that this Teatox gives me more energy in the mornings, and helps me sleep at night too, so from the start I do think that it has the right herbs in it. After a few days, it makes me feel so much better, I have more energy, I'm not as moody, and I can start to see my skin improving already!

The long term effects:
After two weeks of having my Teatox, I feel revitalised and just much more rested really. I've lost 3lbs in the two weeks, but my aim wasn't to lose weight, it was to improve my skin and my health - and I've 100% achieved that! (Plus I think I detoxed away all the alcohol in my body from freshers week).

The verdict:
I love Bootea's Teatox, it has really helped improve my body, I can tell from my mood, my skin and my energy. It's so easy to drink, I just replace my green tea in the morning, and my camomile tea at night with the Bootea teabags. Even though I wasn't trying to lose weight, and I still did eat a few things that I shouldn't (sorry not sorry), I did lose a bit of weight, so if you wanted to detox with the tea for that reason, I would definitely day that this works. I'm now going to order another box, and some of the new smoothies, yum!

Bootea's Teatox is available online at for £19.99, along with their shakes, oats and multivitamins.

"Is fashion a real degree?" YES IT IS

I study Fashion Business and Management at Manchester Metropolitan University and when I tell people that, I always get remarks about it not being a real degree. I've had things such as "How did you find the latest assignment? Did you struggle colouring in the lines?", "So, you're getting a degree for sewing?" and my most hated, yet the most common question, "Is fashion a real degree?"

How wrong these people are.

The fashion industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, and there's never not going to be a fashion industry. Think about it, as long as people live, they will wear clothes. Simple. My course is essentially business management, but for fashion, so instead of having a business management degree like over 700 people at my university alone, I chose to pursue my love for business and my love for fashion at the same time, like the other 40 students on my course.

People cannot question my course and what job I'll get from it, and then tell me that they study poetry, I mean, seriously?

I have already handed in two assignments since starting university just under two months ago, and I'm working on my next one already, nobody else seems to have handed in formally assessed work yet? Not even one piece! PLUS I have a maths exam in summer, easy peasy, right?

It's not even just the work that we get set at uni either, we have to do further reading, like most students, except we have to read textbooks for theory, magazines and newspapers for information and blogs, websites and online journals on a daily basis to keep up with the latest fashion news because fashion changes constantly, unlike science and maths where the rules are written in stone.

After completing research, we then have to write our essays, but in a creative format. So you can spend hours and hours trying to present your work, rather than just typing it up on a word document and submitting, and then we have to create a visual representation to sum up our reports, which again, takes bloody hours! We have business reports, moodboards, timelines, infographics, charts and much much more that needs to go into our essays.

And then if that's not time consuming enough, we have to actually work in fashion too! I'm lucky enough to have a job in a fashion store that pays me, but I also try do work experience in as many different places as possible, and you don't get paid for that!

So, after working 20 hours at work, a few hours experience, 13 hours at uni, 10 hours on assignments and reading, a few hours blogging and networking, I finally allow some time for myself to go out, to then be asked "Is fashion even a real degree?'"

YES IT IS, and it's bloody hard work!

Depop - A Thrifty Shoppers Paradise

I'm sure everyone will have heard about Depop right? Well if you haven't, then it's a app that combines the bargain, second-hand, online hunting ways of eBay, and brings out your inner photographer like Instagram. It allows you to buy and sell everything. From vintage gems and not so vintage cheap Topshop items to hand made and boutique goods, you can find it all. I love using Depop. I've bought, sold and swapped a few things myself, and I think it's great that you can literally flog the dress you wore last night, or that skirt you've had in your wardrobe for a year. You can then use the money to buy even more clothes and shoes!

I've compiled a list of my favourite Depop users, have a look and happy shopping!!

Best for handmade


She does amazing jnderwear sets, crop tops, bralets, bags and more. It's all so pretty and soft (I have a set from a while ago myself). She's now coming out with branded 'Lili Perl' items. Definitely one to watch.

Best for vintage


They have the cutest vintage clothing and shoes, check them out!

Best for designer


Slightly used designer for massively cheaper. Expect Lulu Guinness, Versace and much more.

Best for unique


Jewellery, clothes, home and gifts, all equally and cute and quirky as each other. I've seen some amazing things from animal brooches to Wednesday Adams greetings cards.

There's even some shops that sell their seconds or out of season stock on Depop, and there's even some (minor) celebs that sell their stuff too. I've made a list of their names on Depop so that you can give them a follow.







New Designers:







@themusiccircle (They sell of celebs pieces to raise money for charity)



@chiaraferragni AKA The Blonde Salad

@girlalamode AKA Charlie May

@manuellax - Manuella Mosca 

@Leandramedine AKA The Man Repeller

@Amieholt AKA ME!!

All images are from the named users Depop pages, not images of my own.

Womens Streetwear Designers You Should Know

As you may know, I'm crushing on streetwear and street style at the minute. I'm loving all the new trainers that are coming out (check out 'What are those?'), I'm loving the hoodies and track tops and I'm loving the sporty vibe that I've been getting from some of my going out outfits. Something has changed inside me... I'm constantly comfy and warm, no more nasty blisters, no more cold arms and definitely a lot more casual. Women's streetwear is still such a niche market though, and I always struggle to find anything that really catches my eye when I'm shopping on the high street, but I'm not buying boys tees just yet - they never fit right anyway.

Here's my list of designers that I've had my eye on, from graphic print tees, to mesh tops. I promise this will reinforce that image of cool, slick street style.

1. Stussy

I love the designs Stussy have been coming out with recently, and I also love the story behind the brand. California brand Stussy was started in 1980 when a young Shawn Stussy decided to print his surfboard designs onto t-shirts. Shawn had been hand making surfboards for 10 years before he decided to venture into clothing - he had no idea that it would be such a success! It's a brand of humble beginnings, and I love it. The clothes Stussy make are mainly aimed at men, but the womens collections are amazing.  

I need this top in my life. Now.

Or this crew neck

And what about this jacket...

2. Hot!MeSS

Tayla-Blue launched Hot Mess in 2013, after being inspired by the 80's and 90's pieces in her grandma's wardrobe. This brand is one of my favourites, and the Baziic collection on their website is a collection not to be missed. Think sporty yet sexy, girly yet boyish, better yet just take a look!

This two piece shows what Hot Mess is all about...

This top is just TOO slick.

Keep it simple in this Baziics dress with a high neck and printed sleeves, I love how fresh it looks in white.


HLZBLZ (Hells bells) is an American brand founded in 2005 that makes edgy clothing for the fashionistas seeking something more, something exciting and boy, it certainly does provide. I love the bold tee's, the cropped everythings and the shameless slogans scrawled across the clothing.


I love the cross over at the bottom of this crop hoodie. Super chic yet super street??

This is so subtle you could almost not notice what this tee says, but check a little closer and there we have it...

And there we have it! All the photos are from the websites of the brands, click the links to do a little damage to you bank account!

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