Monday, 28 December 2015

What to do in the post-Christmas yet pre- New Year period

Its's a well known fact that the days that follow Christmas, but lead up to New Year are the bleakest. All you seem to be able to do it eat, drink and sleep. You wake up at 4pm full of shame and regret because yes, that was another valuable day off wasted. No matter how hard you try, seeing the morning hours is unachievable, unless of course it's 2am and you're still watching Netflix... 

I've decided to help you lucky people out, and I've chosen a few things that you can do whilst awaiting New Year, or even worse, the start of the new term...

1. De-clutter

Come on, you knew this was going to be at the top of the list. Clear everything from everywhere. Bin it, donate it or sell it. Bin everything that's not in great condition, donate the mountain of high street items you no longer wear and use the online marketplace app 'Depop' to sell anything of value.

2. Eat all of your Christmas chocolates

This is maybe my favourite suggestion, everyone starts a diet or plans to eat healthy in the New Year, so destroy any temptation before the 1st. 5 selection boxes in 2 days? Not an issue, it's Christmas, remember?

3. Make a list

I make lists like there's no tomorrow, I even sometimes write a list of lists that I need to write, you should see the notes on my phone, it's bad. But, they are useful little tools. List your New Years resolutions, list what you need to do, to buy, to see, to decide, anything. It helps you out so much if you can get things on paper, or a touch screen at least. It somehow makes it more official and makes you feel like you have to do it, promise.

4. Have a pamper day

You are probably going out for NYE so why not look 10/10? Treat yourself to a nice relaxing day of pampering. Indulge yourself with the many smelly sets you received for Christmas, spend an hour exfoliating, washing, face masking and moisturising your face, do your eyebrows, do your nails. Whack on some fake tan and hair dye to transform yourself to a bronzed goddess. Do whatever you need to do to become Beyonce and start your New Year with a bang.

5. See your (insert elderly/rarely seen relative here)

We all have a person in our family that we don't see as much as we should, or someone who spends a lot of time alone, be it your Nan or your Auntie who's not actually an Auntie. Make a bit of time and go a grab a coffee (or a cocktail, it is Christmas after all) and make their day, tell them about your job or uni or mates or anything at all really, they don't care, they just enjoy the company.

7. Make a playlist for every occasion

It might seem like an unproductive thing to do but you'll thank yourself when you're feeling a certain way and you know that you've got the music to see you through the day. Make one for every mood, happy, sad, angry, loved up and everything inbetween. Make one for prinks, before bed, having a shower. You can even make playlists to remember your hols, or mates, or school. Literally anything, you will appreciate it.

8. Organise that box/shelf/bag

If you're like me then you hoard everything... I have a box full of receipts, tickets and various junk that I keep as souvenirs and now is the time that I start sticking them into a book, it's a good way to look back on your year and also frees up that box for 2016.

9. Revamp your room

Get yourself some new decorations and bedsheets and change up your room. This means you HAVE to tidy and get rid of rubbish too, but means that you can go into January with a room you love, a clear desk and maybe a new plant.

10. Revamp your wardrobe

Clear out as mentioned in point numero uno, but you could also get clothes that you sort of love but don't fit, or need changing before you can take them into another year. If it's a simple thing like shortening something, or adding new buttons then go for it, but if it needs altering then take it to a tailors, they can transform literally anything. If you're feeling uber crafty then scout Pinterest for some DIY ideas, I recently made dresses into two pieces and tee's into bralettes in under an hour.

11. Choose a language to learn

I love languages and I love learning (geek) but it's actually a really important part of life. So choose a language, download an app and if you do a bit every day or so for a year you'll be fairly far along with it. Bonus points: if you're going on holiday, learn the language spoken there and chat to locals, you'll feel cultured and impress your fellow travellers.

12. Clear out your phone

Your phone will be full of things that you do not need. Start with apps, then do photos (delete any conversation screenshots), messages, and finally, move onto contacts. Usually contacts are the worst thing to delete, especially with people you don't see often, but going into 2016 with a phone full of closest friends and family feels so good. Go through your contacts slowly and carefully, look at each person, if you know them and talk to them regularly, they stay, if not, see below options:

a) They are old friends. either decided to ring or text them to rekindle said friendship, or accept that the ship has sailed, delete and move on.

b) They are an ex. Delete immediately.

c) You aren't sure who they are... either text and ask or delete with no questions asked.

d) They have some random name that they/you saved the number under whilst drunk, eg: best friend, girl from toilets, guy who bought me drinks... Just delete these people to free the names up for next years antics.

13. Update your CV

You literally never know when you might need a up to date CV pronto. Don't miss out on any potential chances because you're CV lists socialising and reading as your hobbies.

14. Return/exchange anything with labels

If you've got clothes with tags on, either from Christmas, or that you've collected over the year, and never have or will wear them, then check the stores returns policy and either get your money back or swap them for stuff you actually want, you might even get more for your money since it's sale season. It's basically a way to get some new clothes without spending more money. Just don't shout at the staff if you can't exchange it, it's not our fault, it's our policies.

and after all this...

if you still have time then you my friend are in trouble. You'll have to do real things, like work, or budgets, or taxes, or visit the dentists.

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