Thursday, 12 November 2015

Womens Streetwear Designers You Should Know

As you may know, I'm crushing on streetwear and street style at the minute. I'm loving all the new trainers that are coming out (check out 'What are those?'), I'm loving the hoodies and track tops and I'm loving the sporty vibe that I've been getting from some of my going out outfits. Something has changed inside me... I'm constantly comfy and warm, no more nasty blisters, no more cold arms and definitely a lot more casual. Women's streetwear is still such a niche market though, and I always struggle to find anything that really catches my eye when I'm shopping on the high street, but I'm not buying boys tees just yet - they never fit right anyway.

Here's my list of designers that I've had my eye on, from graphic print tees, to mesh tops. I promise this will reinforce that image of cool, slick street style.

1. Stussy

I love the designs Stussy have been coming out with recently, and I also love the story behind the brand. California brand Stussy was started in 1980 when a young Shawn Stussy decided to print his surfboard designs onto t-shirts. Shawn had been hand making surfboards for 10 years before he decided to venture into clothing - he had no idea that it would be such a success! It's a brand of humble beginnings, and I love it. The clothes Stussy make are mainly aimed at men, but the womens collections are amazing.  

I need this top in my life. Now.

Or this crew neck

And what about this jacket...

2. Hot!MeSS

Tayla-Blue launched Hot Mess in 2013, after being inspired by the 80's and 90's pieces in her grandma's wardrobe. This brand is one of my favourites, and the Baziic collection on their website is a collection not to be missed. Think sporty yet sexy, girly yet boyish, better yet just take a look!

This two piece shows what Hot Mess is all about...

This top is just TOO slick.

Keep it simple in this Baziics dress with a high neck and printed sleeves, I love how fresh it looks in white.


HLZBLZ (Hells bells) is an American brand founded in 2005 that makes edgy clothing for the fashionistas seeking something more, something exciting and boy, it certainly does provide. I love the bold tee's, the cropped everythings and the shameless slogans scrawled across the clothing.


I love the cross over at the bottom of this crop hoodie. Super chic yet super street??

This is so subtle you could almost not notice what this tee says, but check a little closer and there we have it...

And there we have it! All the photos are from the websites of the brands, click the links to do a little damage to you bank account!

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