Thursday, 12 November 2015

Bootea Teatox Review

I was super excited the other morning when I received another 14 day Teatox from Bootea. I've had this tea a couple of times before and I always feel so much better when I'm using it, so I jumped at the thought of sharing my opinion of the effects to you.

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The basics:
You drink one morning tea per day, and one evening tea every two days, for two weeks with this Teatox, whilst trying to eat as clean as possible. This is to clear out your body from all of the toxins that we gather from everything: junk food, pollution, dirt, literally everything. This idea behind this, is that if you don't have any bad in your body, then it will be good, right? So you should see clearer skin, better health and weight loss.

The taste:
I personally love the taste of the tea, the morning tea tastes like green tea, and the evening tea tastes almost liquoricey to me. I don't think it's at all hard to drink, and I leave it to stew for around five minutes.

The instant effects:
I find that this Teatox gives me more energy in the mornings, and helps me sleep at night too, so from the start I do think that it has the right herbs in it. After a few days, it makes me feel so much better, I have more energy, I'm not as moody, and I can start to see my skin improving already!

The long term effects:
After two weeks of having my Teatox, I feel revitalised and just much more rested really. I've lost 3lbs in the two weeks, but my aim wasn't to lose weight, it was to improve my skin and my health - and I've 100% achieved that! (Plus I think I detoxed away all the alcohol in my body from freshers week).

The verdict:
I love Bootea's Teatox, it has really helped improve my body, I can tell from my mood, my skin and my energy. It's so easy to drink, I just replace my green tea in the morning, and my camomile tea at night with the Bootea teabags. Even though I wasn't trying to lose weight, and I still did eat a few things that I shouldn't (sorry not sorry), I did lose a bit of weight, so if you wanted to detox with the tea for that reason, I would definitely day that this works. I'm now going to order another box, and some of the new smoothies, yum!

Bootea's Teatox is available online at for £19.99, along with their shakes, oats and multivitamins.

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