Thursday, 12 November 2015

Depop - A Thrifty Shoppers Paradise

I'm sure everyone will have heard about Depop right? Well if you haven't, then it's a app that combines the bargain, second-hand, online hunting ways of eBay, and brings out your inner photographer like Instagram. It allows you to buy and sell everything. From vintage gems and not so vintage cheap Topshop items to hand made and boutique goods, you can find it all. I love using Depop. I've bought, sold and swapped a few things myself, and I think it's great that you can literally flog the dress you wore last night, or that skirt you've had in your wardrobe for a year. You can then use the money to buy even more clothes and shoes!

I've compiled a list of my favourite Depop users, have a look and happy shopping!!

Best for handmade


She does amazing jnderwear sets, crop tops, bralets, bags and more. It's all so pretty and soft (I have a set from a while ago myself). She's now coming out with branded 'Lili Perl' items. Definitely one to watch.

Best for vintage


They have the cutest vintage clothing and shoes, check them out!

Best for designer


Slightly used designer for massively cheaper. Expect Lulu Guinness, Versace and much more.

Best for unique


Jewellery, clothes, home and gifts, all equally and cute and quirky as each other. I've seen some amazing things from animal brooches to Wednesday Adams greetings cards.

There's even some shops that sell their seconds or out of season stock on Depop, and there's even some (minor) celebs that sell their stuff too. I've made a list of their names on Depop so that you can give them a follow.







New Designers:







@themusiccircle (They sell of celebs pieces to raise money for charity)



@chiaraferragni AKA The Blonde Salad

@girlalamode AKA Charlie May

@manuellax - Manuella Mosca 

@Leandramedine AKA The Man Repeller

@Amieholt AKA ME!!

All images are from the named users Depop pages, not images of my own.

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