Saturday, 17 October 2015

Oil Pulling for Whiter Teeth

Recently, I've seen so many selfies of people with these 'Coco White' oil pulling sachets, so I decided to go online and have a see what they're all about. They have really good reviews, and loads of celebs are using them (so they must be good right?). Well yes, they probably are, but being a student, I did not want to pay the price tag of £20 for a weeks sachets! I came across a few sites and reviews that mentioned using pure coconut oil instead, as it retails at around £10 for a decent sized jar, which would last a lot longer. I planned on getting some, but then I got busy, so I forgot... oops. BUT, whilst in Manchester's China Town, what did I find in the Chinese supermarket? COCONUT OIL! For £1.30 a pot!

Obviously, I got some, and I thought you might benefit from hearing about my experience using it, and if there is actually benefits, or results from oil pulling.

  • Draws out all those nasty toxins
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Increases energy
  • Reduces headaches
  • Clears skin
  • Helps oral hygiene
  • Whiter teeth
  • You have to do it for a week - minimum
  • You have to do it for 20 minutes a day
  • It can be any oil
  • Try to do it every morning on an empty stomach
  • Try to take as near to a table spoon as you can handle!
Day one:

Woke up and shoved a massive table spoon of coconut oil in my mouth, spat it out and tried again with about half a table spoon. BEWARE its not nice, it made me want to be sick at first, so take it very slowly, and build up as the week goes on. I managed to last around 15 minutes this morning but then my jaw started to hurt, so I stopped. I was doing a technique half gathered from the internet, and half made up by me, so I first pulled and swirled the oil round my mouth for a while, I then spat it all out (don't swallow, cause you're basically going to swallow all the toxins you've just removed), and then I brushed my teeth normally, and rinsed with water so I had a clean, fresh mouth. I can't say I felt any benefits immediately or anything, but my teeth did feel cleaner than usual.

Day two:

Managed half a spoonful for 15 minutes again, and did the same thing again, teeth look a little bit better, but it could be a placebo effect.

Day three:

I was SO proud of myself this morning, I managed to last the full twenty minutes and I had over half a tablespoon. Just had to imagine the benefits of doing this to myself. Whiter teeth... ahh.

Day four:

Sort of got into a habit of doing this now, twenty minutes, swirl, pull, spit and check my teeth. 

Day five:

Wow I actually feel like this is making me healthier, maybe it's a placebo effect...

Day six:

Hungover. Swirled. Hangover gone??? Is this MAGIC???

Day seven: 

I am amazed by the coconut oil. I do think my teeth are slightly whiter, but not like mega mega white by all means. I imagine that if you did this for a few weeks then your teeth would be super pearly white. The main thing that I liked was that it did make me feel cleaner and healthier. I think it 100% draws out all those nasty toxins, and it works a treat for the hangover cure. Promise. I'd definitely say try this, and even if you don't see any benefits, you can use it to make your hair soft and shiny, and you will have the strongest cheeks in the world from all the swirling.

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