Friday, 16 October 2015

Ladies That Lace - My current wishlist of trainers

We've all seen that video where that guy shouts 'what are those?' (I know you did the voice in your head, don't lie!) and since every single time I dare mention, or ask about, another persons shoes, SOMEONE has to scream it at me, I've noticed how much I actually look at other women's trainers. I envy the ones who can wear bright blue running shoes to go shopping and absolutely smash it. I am partial to the odd pair of trainers, as you may have seen in my WIWT posts, but I've been looking online and I think I'm going to invest in some more.

Here's my top picks.

1 - Some funky Adidas Superstars. Literally any pair that are a little bit different look so cool. Think snake skin, metallic, or them coloured ones and you're on to a winner. My favourite ones are the slip on ones though. Yes they are black and white, but SO not boring.

I also love the Topshop X Adidas ones too. But good look trying to get yourself a pair...

2 - Adidas Stan Smiths, classic and simple. They're not very chunky either so they look a bit more like a shoe than a trainer. I've got some snake skin smoke edition ones, but I really really desperately want these ones with the metal heel and this amazing texture, ahh.

3 - These Air Max Thea's are stunning. I'm really into the beige coloured ones, they just look so girly and classy - for a trainer I mean.

And if you're still craving a bit of designer, here's some of the best trainers ever created - in case you wanted to go running in Valentino. Here we have the Valentino Road Runners. Prepare to cry as you check just how far into your overdraft you can actually go.

I think we should wear trainers, they're comfy, don't give you blisters and you can actually wear socks with them. Let's empower ourselves, say good bye to bunions, and hello to soft touch orthopaedic insoles.

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